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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Wow, I am really honored you decided to meet me! I am Monika, Mom to Lilija, Wife to Louis and one hell of a Momboss! 

I have lived trough EXTREME success but I have also weathered the storm of a company closing down and taking away my livelihood.   I have experienced times of massive sales and team building but also a lot of slow times.  What has made me stronger was being able to stay focused and push past the horrible feelings of failure, resentment and depression that I was doing something wrong.  

I passionately want to help others realize their OWN potential within by aligning with you in your goals and giving you the hard and truly emotional questions to answer.   

So often, my clients tell me they are not worthy, or they are just a failure yet do not realize the MASSIVE success they have had and will continue to have once they unlock their terrible obsession with negativity and mental abuse they give themselves. 

I have worked with entrepreneurs who have hit rock bottom only to realize they have been hugely successful but life, circumstances and health may have interrupted their way.  I aim to help you get aligned with your path to success again by coaching you in different ways of thinking.  

Are you new to being an entrepreneur?  It can be exciting YET terrifying.  I keep you grounded in your path so that you do not allow unwanted feelings and distractions veer you off course.

Are you someone that just needs someone to check in with once a week?  Someone to bounce ideas off of?  Someone to just listen while you unload the negative energy you have?  I am that person. 


With my experience, I learned that sometimes we just need someone who is not family, a team member or employee, to listen.  

Are you just confused? Blocked? Not sure where or what to do next? Lets talk! 

I am also excited to be creating a "Best Business Mind" course which includes fabulous meditations and activities to keep you in your ULTIMATE BBM! 

My business exploded when I learned to be in alignment within myself and my mind.  

As business owners, we focus on running hard and fast to get to the finish line but we do not condition or train for the marathon.  The marathon gets hard because it's long and and you may trip a few times or need some water along the way.  A lot of people trip, fall and NEVER get back up.  Those who know what is at the finish line pick themselves back up and keep moving forward.  

Your mental and physical health is JUST AS IMPORTANT and your business health.

I practice daily yoga and meditation to make sure I am giving 100% focus, clarity and dedication to my business which is you my client.  

DO I live on coffee all day some days?  Of course!  But I also know life and business is not perfect.  There are times I need to reset, turn off or just breath.  



  • Lv 1 & 2 Of the DSWA Coaching School Qualified.

  • Social Intensive Training Via Mike Lemieux - Mike Social.

  • Social Media Training Courses Via Abby Teet .

  • TOP Leader in 2 Social Selling companies with multi million dollar organizations.