A new year with new words

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

It wasn't until I really tried choosing words, did I start seeing a shift in my year.

My business would change. My life would change and my general attitude would change.

Every year I hear " what is your word?"

I decided to take this further and ask what are your 3 words?!

Here are mine:

FIND - Finding the thing that I want to accomplish this year.

FOCUS - Focus on that thing

EXECUTE - Start working on it without hesitation. Not worrying about it being pretty before I start.

Im also a big believer in your words shifting throughout the year and more than just a few words resonating with you!

Last year, I gifted my leaders these artificial plants to represent growth within themselves.

They didn't come with these words as this was mine!

I gifted them a sharpie along with it so that they could add a new word to a leaf every time they came across one that inspired them.

I truly enjoyed this exercise myself and I keep adding words to this day! Heres another view of my plant.

I know your question is where did I get this?

You get the plant and pot at Ikea!

The Fejka artificial plant is my choice but you can find a plant that works for you!

Also JUST in case your not familiar with a famous sharpie here it is!

I would love to know what you do! Do you choose a word? Make a dream board? Inspiration wall? Let me know in the comments!

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